FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can discover the best about Sorglos Handwerker Abo offers, so that no questions remain open.

We are a team of experienced specialists from fields of claims settlement, construction and insurance. We work together with professional partners and contractors.

Sorglos Handwerker Abo is quick and professional assistance for technical problems and claims for homes, for claims and repairs (relevant insurance claims like water damage, fire damage and storm damage).

Within Sorglos Handwerker Abo subscription, non-insurance relevant benefits for household like repairs are covered. The subscription offers quick, efficient help and advice, in case of need, at a fixed monthly investment.

Depending upon the individual’s requirement and scope of service, the Sorglos Handwerker Abo subscription comes in 3 varieties: small, medium and large.

One can easily subscribe online or call the hotline number Tel: 0800 10 12 24 or mon-fri on 01 933 24 24 to get Sorglos Handwerker Abo subscription.

The Sorglos Handwerker Abo subscription is valid in and around Vienna. Beyond that is subjected to queries and consent.

The duration of the subscription is for minimum of 1 year and is automatically renewed. It is valid under the general terms and conditions of Sorglos24 Immobilien-und Schadensanierungs GmbH.

The subscription can be cancelled on premium due date, after 3 months of notice period. The minimum term is of 1 year.

For big repairs, we will arrange an appointment, help you in choosing the appropriate professionals and provide subscription-customers attractive conditions in particular.

Our services do not include cleaning, house management, life counseling or social assistance.

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